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back here they're flying again 15 feet apart at this point. is. her special alliance with very special people requires of our equipment for playing . trump raises a need to feel that sees a deepening of military ties with poland a 1000 extra u.s. troops will be deployed as walsall boys over 30 american fighter jets. human rights watch slams the u.k. for its recent report on yemen for failing to mention the extent to which saudi arabia is allegedly responsible for what the u.n. brands the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on earth and a u.s. . passes a bill allocating more money for $911.00 victim to congress has been rated in an emotional speech former t.v. .
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hello there good morning it's 11 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now the u.s. is boosting its military presence in poland as part of a new deal with donald trump warsaw or host an extra 1000 american troops by u.s. made fighter jets and purchase american liquefied natural gas. price the special ties with his polish counterpart in washington the u.s. polish alliance it's a very special alliance with very special people poland will still provide. basing an infrastructure to support military presence of about $1000.00 american troops polish government will pay for this so america is bolstering its military presence in poland they are adding to the $4500.00 troops that are already in the country on
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a rotating basis now it sounds dramatic but it's actually somewhat short of the request from poland for a permanent us military base which they intended to name for trump in the end the usa agreed to shift non-combat troops to poland who had already been stationed elsewhere in europe so who are the poles trying to defend themselves from because. russia is again showing its unkind unfriendly imperial faces russia is always looking out to take us territory yes those menacing russians on whole one's border just waiting for the right moment to invade but it seems that donald trump doesn't quite share that view do not see the russian read the whole nation and the euro. i hope. we're with everybody and i hope i think that russia will treat poland with respect now while the russian threat may be imaginary the money that poland is showing the united states is very real big buyers of our equipment for planes and
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our munitions in every form in every respect at this point we've got praising the warsaw for meeting its nato spending requirements 2 percent of their g.d.p. trump is encouraging poland to buy more than 30 f. 35 fighter jets even had one of them fly over the white house on the sunny afternoon today gave an encouraging wave and there's more money from poland coming america's way trump paled a deal in which the country would purchase 2000000000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from the united states furthermore at this point trump is praising poland for its baltic pipe project to support poland's construction of the baltic pipeline. which will help european countries diversify their energy sources it's desperately needed and that's the way to go so the big bad russians have got poland into a situation where it has no choice except to increase its military spending purchase
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a bunch of fancy new f. 35 fighter jets and import liquefied natural gas all the way from the other side of the planet yes trump the salesman is happy to make a deal being trump he will take the he will take money from wherever he can get it and the whole the whole notion of putting a $1000.00 troops noncombatants i might add does not alter the balance of power at all in the region it's really more of a show showcase type of thing the cost for those f. $35.00 is going to be horrendous ultimately the u.s. may have to subsidize it present a poll and it really is trying to in namur himself more with the west by buying these f. 35 s. and at the same time trying to purchase natural gas from the united states united states is going to have a problem in getting the natural gas and i don't know yet if poland has the infrastructure to support that all well intentioned about the reality is going to be something else. a human rights watch has slammed
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a recent british government report on human rights the organization the keys the u.k. of whitewashing saudi arabia's role and the humanitarian crisis in war torn yemen the u.k. foreign office report states that the conflict in yemen has had a devastating impact on people's lives but it only mentions saudi arabia one of the belligerents in connection with the alleged secret prisons. and mr international alleged the use of secret prisons in areas under the saudi led coalition's control there was no reliable process for inquiry into detainees held at these facilities or human rights watch says that riyadh's actions in yemen could amount to war crimes and accuses the u.k. of turning a blind eye the report's most striking witness is on the yemen while acknowledging the many civilians killed in the conflict it ignores the saudi led coalition's responsibility indiscriminate saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen have hit
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hospitals funerals weddings markets civilian homes and even a school bus killing and wounding thousands many of this attacks maybe work rhymes . since 2015 the u.k. has sold $4700000000.00 pounds worth of weapons to riyadh it is one of the biggest exporters of arms to the kingdom the issue of weapons exports to the saudis has also led to heated exchanges in the british parliament we have requested comment from the u.k. foreign office although so far we haven't had a reply now the saudi led coalition began its bombing campaign against the rebels in yemen which riyadh sees as terrorists back in 2015 saudi arabia insists it is doing all it can to reduce civilian casualties the un those describe the situation in the country as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on earth.
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the bombings are killing the cholera epidemic the number of people who are in hunger because of a block a port of data etc the foreign office is trying to obfuscate or hide from the british people the fact that they are supporting the illegal action saudi arabia and its. in its war on the people of yemen the united kingdom just like the united states has strategic interest in the region they want to protect these an elected dictatorial monarchical governments in
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order to secure natural gas resources and the people of yemen fighting for their liberation. to their foreign policy go. to u.s. national security adviser john bolton says reports about disagreements between donald trump and his top aides are part of a synthesis of defense this information campaign by the likes of fresh air china and iran he also branded american journalists who write such reports is quote stenographers of these regimes. we have substantial reason to believe that north korea iran. venezuela russia and china. have made the decision to and you can see it publicly to try to sow this information about the administration and to say that the president his advisors are
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divided and things like that the naga refers of these regimes in the american press immediately pick it up come on mr bolton in case you've been living under a rock the past few years u.s. president donald trump doesn't get along too well with the rest of capitol hill close to 30 of his team members have either resigned or were fired since he got into office his turn has been haunted by a cascade of information leaks by insiders saboteurs and trump hasn't always been on the same page with the rest of the administration. you think north korea remains a nuclear threat yes but the president said he doesn't it's not what he said i mean i know i know personally we did it and there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. i had a very good talk with president putin is. not looking at all to get involved in venezuela where he was apparently ready to leave after the airport but the russians talked him out of that is that right that's right now it could be because the trump
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isn't a tory asli divisive figure by nature could be because he's flip flops so much that he's policy u. turns were created into actual flip flops well you know he's sometimes difficult to keep up with and you know after all it doesn't have to be a bad thing a clash of ideas challenging each other on policies is synonymous with democracy isn't it i re read a news 3 times due to how unbelievable it is that the russians in other bad guys spread this information about a divided opinions of u.s. president and he. closest aides seriously when the president and his inner circle have different opinions it is a sign of the democratic process in the country doesn't washington defend this value with such deal so yeah it could be a good thing except it probably stops being one when things move from the realm of professional to personal to go to work for
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a man who. is pretty on discipline and doesn't doesn't like to read doesn't read briefly reports doesn't doesn't like to get into the details of a lot of things rex tillerson didn't have the mental capacity needed he was dumb as a rock and i couldn't get rid of him fast enough he was lazy is how we already know a lot about the discord in the tribal ministration from former tribe it ministration officials i mean let's face it what could north korea do to sow discord in the us what could be his way would be i mean these are not you know the most technologically advanced countries in the world i mean it's doesn't make any sense the white house does not want to appear to be fragile they're now facing a reelection very soon in 2020 and boldness trying to help trump cover is behind by claiming others are responsible for discord and not those within the white house of course the message being that you know john bolton is looking for
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a pretext to go to war somewhere he's a very devious man he likes to right. now a bill has entered the u.s. congress seeking to extend the funding program for people affected by $911.00 it does come off the t.v. personality challenge to it the right it will make is on behalf of the victims for failing to take action behind me a filled room of 911 1st responders and in front of me. a nearly empty congress it's an embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution and you should be ashamed of yourselves for those that aren't here but you won't be because accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurs in this chamber. well the bill would say financial aid for $911.00 survivors extended for the next 70 years however it makes no provisions as
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regards to how much money should be allocated over this period the length and budget of the program had previously been extended with initial estimates of the costs and time frame proving to be inadequate the 911 victims' compensation fund was a stab back in 2001 shortly after the deadly attack it is meant to provide aid to those whose health was impacted but in february the funds administrator warned it was again running out of money while the $911.00 attack left many with severe health problems including cancer lung disease and d'orsay anxiety since 2001 almost 2000 people have died from diseases linked to the aftermath we spoke to william rodriguez who was working as a janitor at the north tower of the world trade center during the $911.00 attacks he says the government's attitude towards the survivors is hypocritical. i am a survivor of 911 i'm the last person back in america we'll be. personally involved
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with all these airport where we have seen these. years are these happening believes are. we still trying to get there how. many of the people who don't want to hear how 911 anymore. the are probably hoarders. it's too expensive for them they always say you will never have a list never forget. about it. we've been on these 5 for every interview they didn't want to get all the any any thought and they didn't want to. give the at all and. we have to force the government where. it is an emotional. devastating process. for all those people that are involved and are affected still dealing with the aftermath and we environmental disaster betty
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because all the surrounding area of the neighborhood of the towers all they are a spy or diesel a toxic dust b. c he's still righteous all the saw believe you know where he was coming from and he was home of the thoughts that were created when we thought we spent there trying to ok let's forget about all their lives they care for poor people and that's it and within our job is not your job you just nice to take care of this illness and those people that you know will never get well here is crazy that you're stuck. with still how do you. every time that we see that they are courting pawns for those heroes we have to go on 5. gets tiring but we have to continue still to come for this hour the man tipped to become britain's next prime minister
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thinks that threatening a no deal breaks it could bring concessions from the u.s. find out what's a brussels had to say about that just after the break. before q.e. 4 is now well under way can't taper a ponzi scheme no economics matters only money printing and stock manipulation. we are in a strange situation where everybody is making a lot of noise about military action against iran but nobody in the part of that alliance actually wants to do it there's no desire for it so do you hope that iran makes a mistake. somehow. and then there's some kind of confrontation and then
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the iranians will be forced to come to the table you know begging for some kind of solution on american terms but you know i think that is dreaming that's a pipe dream. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. all over again now the problem of migrant criminal gangs is making headlines again in germany with renewed efforts underway to prevent their activity senior officials in pointing the finger at a failure to integrate new come as written off as the story. powerful criminal clans terrifying germany for years those who'd love to stay as much in the
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shadows as possible in the spotlight to fight another big papers are writing about them based on because of their regional interior ministries conference unites in least $800.00 police officers from all around germany the country's interior minister is also invited they gathered in the all the city of kids to discuss how to stop the violence powerful godfathers germany has suffered a lot from here just some of the cases. the list of crimes members of the clans have been involved is extensive while the
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number of members is a bit more so experts estimate there are now half a 1000000 people across germany belonging to criminal families many of them with arab or turkish origins which means the topic often spills over into another sensitive area for germany immigration and despite the state's enormous efforts last year germany spent a record $23000000000.00 euros to integrate more than a 1000000 migrant some blame the feeler of integration for criminalization these people have not come to a country as criminals with regard to integration and identification certainly not everything was done right we have not consistently clarified the residence status of refugees we have looked away too often now the problems of piling up germany has been pushing forward with 0 tolerance crackdown on criminal families. a year now numerous raids hundreds of officials involved scores of properties seized but when
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questioning whether these far reaching measures have been a success there is no clear answer instead they say what's much more important is the signal the state is sending we are taking the streets back although some doubt whether that signal has been strong enough for the target audience we have of course they're refugees just a lot of them excluded from freedom or more systematically excluded some of them a lot of them from russia and as long as the people who come here don't get your permission to grow up you know they have to search for a ruse to get respected and accepted by people of course their own that doesn't necessarily mean that people get criminal of the frustrated that they have the right to work but it in force this is turbulence. in the u.k. the man tipped to be the next prime minister there boris johnson has said he doesn't
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want to no deal breaks it however he says he might news the threat of one as a negotiating tool when discussing divorce terms with brussels. after 3 years and 2 listed lines we must be the you must do better than the current withdraw agreement that has been rejected 3 taught by dr levy not only bring those to you i do think that we will end up with any such thing. but the only wish for. the. story. is that what it. does on the day before has been approved by has been negotiated successfully by the commission and has been approved by all member states and the election of a new minister will of course not change the parameters of what is on the table
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that is no. the u.k. parliament has rejected a labor plan to prevent and no deal breaks it being forced on the country is cross party motion mr feted by 11 votes from london his k. partridge basically these are labor and tory rebels getting together for a motion to say we want the option the house of commons wants the option to rule out a no do we want the say on legislation to stop that or does all of this mean effectively it's about who controls brecht's it and the no deal option the opposition was saying effectively the new leader that came in the new leader of the tory party de facto the new prime minister could then effectively say even though we're not going to go through parliament i'm going to take the u.k. out of the asean when i have the power to do that the reason i didn't go she to deal 3 times it went through parliament it was rejected and the prime minister resigned and that's where we end up in the situation that we are now in that we're looking for a new tory leader and therefore a new prime minister and the problem was originally we're meant to go out on march
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the 20 not to mention leave the e.u. the e.u. looks just said you can't come up with a deal you haven't agreed to anything we'll extend it for 7 months there's also elite cabinet member that's come out in the press saying no deal would be an option the country isn't actually ready for it so it's quite an intriguing point it might be a win for the government in the meantime but we still have that tory leadership race and there's also the ramifications of is the country actually prepared for a no deal in the 1st place. the ramifications in the short term will be that yes no deal is on the table if you're a conservative y. undermine whoever comes in who thinks that they're going to renegotiate a deal but of course the view from brussels is entirely different this is a failure of labor strategy or opposition strategy what you don't do is try and intrude into a leadership contest by daring those in the conservative party to vote against their own possible leaders this was not
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a good mechanism if you like if you want to stop or exit i think there will be more opportunities down the road i don't think the majority is have shifted i just think that context is slightly different and i think things will move on. as were clear about who is going to win the contest in the next 2 or 3 weeks. egypt is trying to prevent the plan sale of a statue of teton coming in london next month officials say may have been looted from egypt and they're ready to take legal action. if it is proved that any piece has been illegally moved out of the country we would take legal action with interpol we would never allow anyone to sell any ancient egyptian artifact. well the 3000 year old statue is a brand quartzsite bust of the young pharaoh it is expected to raise more than $5000000.00 at auction next month however it is feared it was taken from the cannot
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sample in looks saw with egyptian officials demanding proof that the stat she wasn't stolen christie's auction house has said though it doesn't have any concerns over the statues only ship it spokes personality for the company does strictly adhere to bilateral treaties and international rules with respect to cultural property but egypt isn't the only country that has struggled in the past to get its heritage back for example a casket with relics of saints was stolen from cyprus after it appeared for auction in germany it was later withdrawn and returned a greek column that was illegally exported from greece was sent backed by the u.k. last year as was another famous relic a chinese vessel which was looted by a british officer egypt's former antiquities chief believes though that all egyptian heritage should go back to its rightful. then there are the dark on the exports of artifacts is banned under more parson egypt 93 many countries that used to be calling me and now demanding the return of artifacts that were taken during
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the colonial era and we in egypt want to see the most valuable objects of ancient egyptian arts return to our country they should be kept in egypt because they are part of the history and civilization of our land and if the british are violating our rules the egyptian ministry of antiquities will restrict if you try to in scenes they will not be allowed to conduct archeological diggings the ministry will cease all cooperation with them. and that is need say fast today here and we're back with the headlines and more stories at the top you. know why a paradise with some all year round turned into a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up
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locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people where one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. when lawmakers manufacture consent it's an instant of public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. of the time
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to ignore middle of the room signals. tomorrow morning real news real world. are. there.
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not. everyone's story is different wants path is there for a young know what's actually going to hit you. like i was pretty comfortable in my life before this happened. earthenware dobbs ferry. got me into this. you know i was a middle child. i'm sorry he was the day. this is some day he was doing to just you know make sure he can money in his pocket. it was like we had to look out for anything but nothing happened to to the bait.
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i just hope that people can understand that it was a person who didn't deserve to die who didn't deserve to be shot 14 times. already. died trade links and radio part. he carmen and i was like most about troy we were. at home at the park he sounded really. really out of ordinary you know. what he looked like to me that day was just a student nearing the end of the semester and which is hanging out in the park taking a break walks right across the street here came up this way and i'm sure i was laying right here.


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